Want to know what the 3 biggest low carb mistakes are when starting out?
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It’s no secret that low carb dieting took the world by storm in the last few years.

Hardly a surprise.

A low carbohydrate diet has been linked to rapid weight loss, reducing body inflammation, improving blood sugar level and blood pressure, and many other benefits.

Yet, many struggle with kicking off and staying on track in the low carb lifestyle.

If you want to cash in on all of the benefits of a low-carb way of eating, stay clear of these Common Low Carb Mistakes.

Mistake #1. Going Completely Carb Free

If cutting down on carbs works, going all in and eliminating them makes sense. Right?


Low carb doesn’t mean zero carb.

While cutting the carbs out from your diet entirely is possible (hint: carnivore diet), it’ll likely lead to you falling off the wagon.

Firstly, it’s super restrictive

Trying to come close to the zero carb mark means your diet will boil down to meat, seafood, eggs, and specific dairy (heavy cream, hard cheese).

Cravings and desire for more variety are likely to kick in.

eating cake, low carb common mistake

Secondly, zero carb means a lack of nutrients and fibre.

By cutting out fruits and veggies, you’re eliminating natural sources of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, leading to various deficiencies.

Prolonged constipation that comes with this way of eating is no joy ride, either.

Mistake #2. Not Eating the Right Carbs

It’s tempting to blow our daily carb-allowance on tasty goodies such as pastry, chips, and soft drinks.

But indulging in processed foods while on low-carb diet is a huge mistake.

donut-junk food-carbs

To give your body the nourishment it needs, be smart with your carbs and get them from nutritious, and natural sources.

Remember what you’ve been told as a kid about eating your greens?

Loading up on green leafy vegetables rich with phytonutrients and fibre is much wiser than snacking on a bag of Doritos.

Spinach, kale, zucchini, cabbage, and cauliflower are absolute nutritional powerhouses and will keep you healthy, full, and energetic — so pile your plate up freely.

Mistake #3. Avoiding Fat

Out of thirst for rapid results, some dieters cut fat out of their diet as well, ending up on a low-carb, low-fat diet.

This way of eating is unsustainable, deficient in nutrients, and puts you at risk of binge eating.

Fats promote satiety — the feeling of comfortable fullness over prolonged periods.

By dropping them from our diet, we start feeling cranky, exhausted and starving.

Food cravings kick in, and we put ourselves at risk of overeating.

Furthermore, eliminating both carbohydrates and fats may lead to nutritional deficiencies and related health issues.

Stick to good (poly and mono-saturated fats) and stay away from nasty trans fats (found in industrial seed oils and processed foods) that raise your LDL cholesterol.

Here’s some more info on why fat is good for you.

  • To effectively start, stay on, and succeed on a low-carb diet, stay off:
  • going zero-carb
  • not eating the right carbs and
  • avoiding fats
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  1. great thank you exactly what happens, with zero carb obsession then with some relief, one heads for chips fried in old oil with piles of tomato sauce!!!!!

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