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John Beaney Lecture Notes – Living 2 a Ripe Young Age


Lecture notes from John Beaney’s 6-week lecture on how to Live to a Ripe Young Age.

This document is a transcript of the Powerpoint presentation and is text only.

There are no images in the document.

A thorough 6-week lecture series following ‘Alice down the multiple rabbit holes’ of nutrition.

There’s no question, sugar is number one – the first rabbit hole. And another ever-present problem is fear of fat. The two are closely related.

Wk 1 – How we are getting sicker, how diet is so important, how we can control it.
Wk 2 – The metabolic syndrome – a common collection of medical problems caused by what we eat.
Wk 3 – Macronutrients: the basic food groups (carbs, proteins and fats).
Wk 4 – Inflammation within the body caused predominantly by sugar and PUFAs, polyunsaturated fatty acids and gluten.
Wk 5 – History, politics and scientific integrity, of nutrition.
Wk 6 – Call to action – healthy ageing for us and our loved ones.

These notes are 69 pages.

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