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John Beaney Lecture Notes – Healing Ourselves and the Planet


Lecture notes from John Beaney’s 4-week lecture on Healing Ourselves and the Planet.

This document is a transcript of the Powerpoint presentation and is text only.

There are no images in the document.

Week 1 – An overview of morals and ethics – At first sight, it would appear that our choice of food, vegan or carnivore, and the way we farm it is peripheral to the central issues of global warming and overpopulation, but I believe they are intimately connected.

Week 2 – The history and science – Most other scientific disciplines, are meticulously searching for the truth, mounting hypotheses, and then inviting others to disprove them in an open and transparent environment. Not so in nutrition. Nutritional medicine is full of really bad quality flawed science but many scientists presume or pretend they are right – completely ignoring evidence that contradicts their position.

Week 3 – Food and nutrition in detail – Looking back at the evolution of food, which animals eat what and why. Why do some animals eat only plants, while others eat meat? How did the human diet evolve? Through the evolutionary lens it is remarkable how little time we have been controlling what we eat.

Week 4 – Healing the planet – politics, and methane. Focusing on the suboptimal farming practices and how they can be quickly and simply reversed by adopting regenerative farming thereby reversing global warming.

These notes are 52 pages.

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