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John Beaney Lecture Notes – Full Series of all 5 Lectures

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Lecture notes from all five of John Beaney’s live lecture series.

This document is a transcript of the Powerpoint presentation and is text only.

There are no images in the document.

Part 1 Living to a Ripe Young Age
Week 1 Why we are becoming sicker. Taking control.
Week 2 The metabolic syndrome a unifying theory
Week 3 Carbs, fats, and proteins and how we store them
Week 4 Inflammation and ageing
Week 5 The history and politics of nutrition
Week 6 Call to action

Part 2 Healing ourselves and Our Planet
Week 1 An overview, of morals, and ethics
Week 2 The history and the science
Week 3 Food and nutrition in detail
Week 4 Healing the planet, politics, and methane

Part 3 Big Bang to Big Mac
Week 1 From bacteria to leaving our cousins in the jungle
Week 2 The agricultural and industrial revolutions

Part 4 Alzheimer’s Disease
Week 1 How it appeared in the 20th century
Week 2 How food damages the brain
Week 3 Effective action to prevent Alzheimer’s

Part 5 Fixing the Leaks
Week 1 How life appeared on this planet
Week 2 The frail but vital membrane that protects us
Week 3 Some foods attack, while others defend us

These notes are 196 pages.

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