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Learn more about the modern diet and how it is affecting our metabolic health.

How I got started

Dr. John Beaney explains
how he got started on the low carb journey.

What are carbs and sugar?

What exactly are carbs? They are one of the macronutrients, essential for the body,
but why are we consuming so much of them?

Diet, Fat and Our Arteries

Find out how fat, created from excess sugar in our diets gets treated in the body. 

Becoming a Fat Burning Machine

Let's talk about burning energy in the body.
What are our main food sources for energy?

Let's talk about our collective metabolic health

Hi, I'm  Dr. John Beaney

I'm a retired GP who is focused on educating people about the impacts of the modern diet on our metabolic health. 

I spent most of my life as a GP gradually getting heavier with no prospect of doing anything about it.

In September 2013, I weighed in at 108kg and decided enough was enough.  By June 2014, I was 85 kilos and my weight has stayed stable since.  Beryl, my wife, has had exactly the same experience.

This set me off on a journey of discovery into a world of nutrition where doctors rarely tread. Hidden among a lot of misinformation,
I found that it is possible to enjoy a healthy, nutritious and satisfying diet - and be slim without hunger.

John Beaney

As you can see, John loves sharing what he has learned in order to show others how, at any age, it is possible to significantly reduce the burden of chronic disease, most of which is the result of our modern diet.

Keep an eye out for John popping up on the site as the Nutrition Geek, sharing scientific based information on the benefits of a low carb diet. Read more posts on metabolic health.