Home made bone broth is so good for you and very easy to make. Bone broth (or stock) is made with the bones or carcasses from the butcher and cooked low and slow for a very long time. You can make a big batch and freeze it in small portions to be on hand whenever you need a flavour boost for your meal.

Buy your Bones

Go to a butcher who sells bones like these that come from grass-fed organic cattle.  They should be chopped up by the butcher with their band saw to expose the marrow. 

Simply put them into a large saucepan and cover them with enough water to allow for evaporation. 

Cook Low and Slow

Then bring to a gentle simmer, cover with a well fitting lid. 

Cook for 48 hours.  I used to cook them in the oven first and add vegetables. There is no need.  Don’t add salt at this stage.

After 48 hours, discard the bones and run the liquid through a sieve to remove any lumps of cartilage or meat. 

The photo, bottom left, illustrates the incredible amount of best quality fat and lots of gelatin which separates as it cools.  Marrowbone contains ingredients of the highest quality.

Prep for Storage

 I store the bone broth overnight in the fridge.  By the next day, the fat can be easily separated.  I take off the fat, melt it in a saucepan and then pour it into a plastic container.  When it cools it produces an amazing product, pure bone marrow fat from grass-fed beef.

That just leaves the gelatin, a protein – the main constituent in cartilage and all the body connective tissue.  I save it in an ice cube tray as shown above. Store them in a zipper bag in the freezer.  Dissolve one in a cup of hot water with salt to taste to make a great lunchtime drink or use as many as you like to make fantastic gravy, add to soups or a slow-cooked casserole.  

Understanding the relationship between collagen and gelatin.

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