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I have some thoughts on becoming a Vegetarian. In The Guardian there was an article by Calla Wahlquist. It was entitled ‘It Just didn’t make sense: why Australians are turning away from meat‘.

It was mainly about the ethical dilemma regarding eating other sentient beings. And how many people are turning away from meat towards a plant-based diet.

The point I wish to make is that our metabolism (the whole range of biochemical processes that occur within our body) proceed with a total disregard of ethics.

Do we Follow Ethics or Design?

Undoubtedly, there is a good chance that introducing ethics into the equation may lead to an imbalance in the biochemical processes. Put simply, we would be well advised to eat what we are designed to eat.

Frogs and crocodiles, some of the first animals to venture onto land, are carnivores. Koalas and cows are vegans.  To clarify, ethical arguments won’t persuade them otherwise. Nor should they.

Heed Natural Animal Behaviours

The Guardian article described the scene in Blue Planet 11. David Attenborough filmed a harlequin tuskfish breaking open a clam by hitting it against a lump of hard coral. Around the coral was a mound of broken clam shells. This was clearly a smart fish using a tool to obtain food.

Calla described how a viewer, impressed by the intelligence of the sentient tuskfish, had made an ethical decision and converted to vegetarianism.

I suspect the tuskfish would not be persuaded by this argument.

Like virtually all fish, it is a carnivore. Namely, we have a fish, eating another marine animal by smashing its shell using the skeleton of another animal.  David Attenborough would have found similar feeding habits had he visited the same waters 300 million years ago.

It seems to me to be something of an ethical non sequitur. To use this wonderful example of animals eating animals to validate humans becoming vegetarian. 

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