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Notes: Living 2 a Ripe Young Age (L2aRYA)

Are medications the only way to manage our health and chronic diseases? What we eat has a profound impact on our well-being. In this course we will take a deep dive into the rabbit warren that is nutritional medicine and look for ways to enjoy staying younger longer.

Notes: Healing Ourselves and the Planet

Our health and the health of our planet, plants, animals, soil and oceans are closely linked. Is there a way to restore our climate while simultaneously nurturing everything around us?

Notes: Big Bang to Big Mac

Enjoy an exhilarating journey through time and space, the origins of life, mass extinctions, the agricultural and industrial revolutions, slavery, capitalism and how they led to our modern diet. Eating for optimal health only makes sense when viewed from an evolutionary perspective.

Notes: Alzheimer's Disease

What if we could avoid Alzheimer's Disease! More Australian women die of dementia than from any other disease. Yet it was unheard of 100 years ago. Research suggests that the onset of symptoms can be delayed or even prevented by simple changes in our diet.

Notes: Fixing The Leaks

The origin of life on earth, the lining of our gut and many modern diseases are closely linked.  How? Why?  We will proceed steadily, step by step, into the intricate and wonderful world within the individual cells of our body. We'll look at why our gut leaks and how to fix it.

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"I have received regular requests for notes to accompany my lectures since the first one in October 2015. But the subject matter is continually evolving, and I never give the same talk twice."


Thank you for another very interesting session today. Your talks are always informative and fun.


Thank you so much for your informative classes. We have enjoyed them immensely.


Thanks so much for your brilliant 'lectures'. I've been to a lot now and have found them all outstanding - fascinating in content and scientifically valid. I've learned such a lot!!! I'll be watching out for anything else you offer this year.


I am so impressed with the diverse material you have gathered into a coherent message.


Thanks to John's course, I am not only eating healthier, with a better understanding of what I am putting in my body, but I have also managed to lose 15kg to achieve and sustain my goal weight, for the first time that I can remember.


"loved the presentation, amusing, very informative"


"rivetingly fascinating and revelatory"


This has been a great series of lectures – most enlightening.


You have presented such interesting topics, regenerative practices in farming to name one.


"very well researched and evidence-based"


Once again...just brilliant presentation, so "thank you" is utterly inadequate!


These sessions have been most interesting and stimulating.


I have thoroughly enjoyed your lectures and found many interesting and useful pieces of information.


I just wanted to let you know how much I have learned during your lectures and how much I have enjoyed them. In fact, your nutrition course has completely transformed my life in so many ways and I am a better and a healthier person for it, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.


"we were all inspired by the excellent presentation"


"rivetingly fascinating and revelatory"


"you stressed the positives and motivated me"


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