What is Your Low Carb Hub all about?

This website has been created as a resource for people looking to learn about how to live a low carb lifestyle. It aims to provide information and education on how to eat food low in carbohydrates to benefit long-term health.

Maybe you’re wondering why you can’t lose weight. Maybe you’ve been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition or metabolic syndrome and are looking for more information on what it all means.

Many doctors and health professionals still advocate for a diet primarily made up of carbohydrates but there is more and more evidence pointing to carbs being the root of many modern day diseases.

Have you ever gone to Google and typed something like….

  • What is a low carbohydrate diet?
  • Low carb food list
  • Low carb diet plan for weight loss
  • What is intermittent fasting?
  • What is net carbs vs total carbs?
  • Fat vs Sugar
  • Why eat low carb?
  • Does low carb mean low sugar?
  • What is insulin resistance?
  • What is metabolic syndrome?

The Low Carb Hub Story

My name is Tracey, welcome to Your low carb hub. Our aim is to provide useful information on a low carb, healthy fat way of eating.

Many years ago, inflicted with chronic pain, I was led down a path of investigating what the problem was. Diagnosed with an autoimmune disease I began to research how I could minimise my pain with the least amount of medication possible. 

This led me to learning more about the foods we eat, how they are digested in the body and what effect today's vast array of processed food is having on our health.

In consultation with John Beaney, this site aims to educate people about the health benefits of eating a low carbohydrate diet full of natural, whole foods, while avoiding the highly processed, sugar-laden foods lining our supermarket shelves and impacting our health. 

John Beaney

John is a retired GP who is focused on educating people about the impacts of the modern diet on our metabolic health. 

He spent most of his life as a GP gradually getting heavier and with no prospect of doing anything about it. In September 2013, he weighed in at 108kg and decided enough was enough.  By June 2014, he was 85 kilos and his weight has stayed stable since.  Beryl, his wife, had exactly the same experience.

This set him off on a journey of discovery into a world of nutrition where doctors rarely tread.  Hidden among a lot of misinformation, John found that it is possible to enjoy a healthy, nutritious and satisfying diet - and be slim without hunger.

John lectures on what he has learned in order to share with others how, at any age, it is possible to significantly reduce the burden of chronic disease, most of which is the result of our modern diet.

Starting a 
Low Carb Lifestyle?

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